Best apps for LIC Insurance Agents – LIC Policy status, LIC Policy tracker

Best apps for LIC Insurance Agents LIC Policy status LIC Policy tracker
Best apps for LIC Insurance Agents LIC Policy status LIC Policy tracker

Best apps for LIC Insurance Agents  – LIC Policy status, LIC Policy tracker

Staying up-to-date with the latest marketing and sales strategies is the main way to success. But there are still most of the insurance agents who are not updated with the technology and use the old traditional methods of their data management, like selling new policies, tracking their existing policies, maintaining the premium dues, renewing expired ones. All these manual follow ups would reduce the potential of their business. An insurance agent, must always be on-the-go. And their efficiency can only be maximized when their  work process is fined tuned. So an insurance professional also need an ordinance of mobile applications that will connect him to the digital world and put him ahead of the competition.

Here is a list of suggestions to help you choose the right mobile apps for insurance Advisors.

Stickynote Agent App – LIC Policy Tracker:

Stickynote Agent app will change the way Insurance professionals work. It is built with amazing features which serves multi purposes like policy servicing, performance tracking and marketing as well. It delivers data to work offline anywhere and everywhere.

Lookup – Other Policy status:

Lookup also called as other Policy Status, is a must for all the agents. It’s a potentially game changing tool for Insurance professionals to check LIC Policy status, availability of Loan and Surrender value, get their revival quotation and many more. This Application will meet all your requirements.

Planner :

As the name suggests Planner application is a simple and hassle free application for Insurance professionals to calculate premium in a single touch. This app provides you with attractive marketing posters to connect with your customers. One can also create impressive plan presentations and combinations using this to enhance their business.

DO :

Specially designed for Development Officers, allowing them to manage their agent’s details. Features like Performance Tracking, manage their Lapsed Policies, matured policies and also their premium due list.

LIC Policy status
LIC Policy tracker